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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Babysitter Inspiration!!!

I wish my babysitter was as good with kids as Jesus LOLOLOL!!! A great tip is put this painting in your house where everyone can see it so when your babysitter comes over she will know that she has a lot to live up to! My neighbor is a Jewish and said this looks like Barry Gibb dancing the hora she is so funny LOLOLOL!! P.S. Another great tip is only hire girl babysitters and never boy babysitters because remember nature did not make them as good at doing babysitter things like cooking and playing games or reading in a quiet voice. There is lots of science on this if you want I can show it to you I would be very pleased!!

A Beatuiful Painting

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Do you know Marilyn Monroe? She was a famous movie star who dated Elvis until he killed her in a terrible car accident.

Monday, September 8, 2014

I'm planning my FOREVER WEDDING!!

Have you heard about the Forever Wedding? It's like the Forever Home except it's a wedding!!

Nobody wants to die in the first place they live and they all want to die in a place that has lots of granite countertops and good fireplace mantles for holiday decorations that's much fancier and that's why people save money to buy a Forever Home. Also nobody wants to die just remembering the first time they did their wedding which probably had all kinds of problems so I'm starting the new craze of saving money to have a Forever Wedding!!

Y'all I'm so excited about my Forever Wedding!!!!!!!!

It is going to be the wedding I remember for the rest of my life separate from the first time I did my wedding which was an okay wedding but didn't have all the crystals I wanted and nobody followed my rules on giving toasts. My Forever Wedding is going to be perfect!!

I was thinking of doing a theme for my wedding and I think it's going to be "Forever and Ever Amen" like the Randy Travis song and I am going to write to Randy to see if he will even come and sing! LOLOLOL maybe I'm crazy but maybe he will love the Forever Wedding idea so much he will be so happy to get on board!!

My other theme choice is "Child of God" and I thought about getting packages of all these babies and putting them in mason jars as centerpieces and then each guest will get an ornament as a favor.

Maybe put these in glass jars on the table with tea lights around them.

Put curly ribbon through the hole and viola! People can have an ornament or maybe something to hang from the makeup mirror in their car!!

Sunday, August 31, 2014

A life tip!

I went to a party the other day and thought oh boy I hope I put on the right thing LOLOLOL!! But it turns out I usually have on the right thing and you want to know why it's because I always dress way up more than other people. If you always dress up more than other people then you will never be underdressed. If you dress up you can always take something off to look more casual like take off your earrings or maybe you just put your scarf in your purse. Those are easy ways to look like you got dressed up less. But in general a great life tip is to always dress up! This is a real helpful sign in case you are a forgetter kind of person who forgets things like your purse or where did your keys go or just about dressing up. If I were you I would put this sign maybe by your garage or even in your kitchen it would be real cute there. I hope you will follow my life tip to live a better life!! God bless you forever!!!

Look it has a big diamond on it too to make you remember about dressing up more! 

Building a theme!!

Do you want to build a theme but you are just not sure how to do one? Well let me tell you all about themes. Themes are things like you want an elegant room but you want your personality in it so you do something like buy a purple rug and do a bunch of orange throw pillows. Or maybe you like the shabby chic look so you paint everything white in your house and rub some paint off and put a rusty bicycle against the wall and there you have it shabby chic that looks so good. I want to get some new energy for the fall and my energy theme is going to be GIRL POWER!! So I bought these wine bottle holders to show my new theme. Shoes and wine = girl power!!!

I would appreciate you not copying my theme all the way because I am going to trademark it and I don't want a bunch of copycats out there! Trademark is when you ask the President to write a letter saying nobody can copy the things you do unless they ask you first. It's kind of a big deal but I know all about how to do it. If you need to learn more just ask me and I will tell you.